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I have a working interview for a line cooking position the day after tomorrow at a local inn that was recently voted best in the city, this would be the classiest kitchen I have yet worked in, I didn't know how to make demi until last January. I have five years experience in kitchens and no degree. The interview is a 3-11pm stagiare. Any tips from those that got the job? Or hindsight from those that didn't? Any input is greatly appreciated, -Mario B.

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Work smart, hard and keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to what the chef tells you. Be prepared to demonstrate proper cooking tech in all areas. Dont fake what you dont know. Work clean and efficent. When you complete a task and have nothing lined up say "what's next chef". This will go a long way in getting a position. Good luck to you.
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From what I've heard, just come prepared: sharpie, chef coat, hat, knives, tools, look clean, etc.

I'm gonna be staging soon at some of the best restaurants in sacramento so I went to my current chefs and got a lot of great advice.

One of them told me he would work full time, and try to stage on his days off. Even if it's not for a job, you can still learn an immense amount from just being in a different kitchen for a day.

Let us know how it goes!

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oh yeah, and bring a small notepad and a couple pens that work.

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Thanks, I realize that this is a subject for the job forum but I figured it would net the most responses for the short time I had to use them. I am fairly confident, first off it helps to have a job going in and to know that this is at worst a learning experience. Good advice to not fake what I don't know, I own fifty books on technique and style but that hardly means I have absorbed all of it, it just means I have a nice bookshelf. Good call on the pens/ markers as well, I would so get everything else sorted out and forget those. I have my cleanest whites, still not as white as they could be, and am going to shave immediately before I head in. Actually have another interview lined up for tomorrow and plan on continuing to stage on days off wherever I end up, it was my sous chef at the last job that introduced me to the idea, which really is brilliant. Thank you for your input. -Mario B. 

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You buy your sous a beer. Best advice ever.

Apprentichef - Six stitches to go home early and you can't die until your shift is over.



Apprentichef - Six stitches to go home early and you can't die until your shift is over.


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Haha, like it, waiting on a call back, but was told I had a very good chance of being selected. Either way I have two more interviews coming up. But I hope I get this one, open kitchen, foraged ingredients, top notch rotating menu, and good crew. Room. To. Grow.
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