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My Ice Cream is very hard

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I regularly make Chocolate Ice Cream with no problems - I can spoon it our right from the freezer.

This time, I decided to make Peach Ice Cream with canned peaches and my ice cream came out very hard. I had to wait a few minutes before I could spoon it out

Any idea what I did wrong ?

Many thanks for your help

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It is very likely that you did nothing wrong.  Ice cream can be like that sometimes.

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Thank you for letting me know it sometimes happens.

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The chocolate has more fat and less liquid (water) than the peach---so it froze harder---


Simple science---food science---this is one reason store bought peach ice cream is rare --


To keep it creamy--serve it fresh--or let it soften up a bit.


Eliminating low fat dairy would help--use heavy cream.

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Thank you for the information

Would it help if I increased the heavy cream; I used 2 cups heavy cream and one cup whole milk

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Yes it will----I love fresh peach ice cream(I never tried canned peaches)---but I never had enough left over to freeze for later.


If you haven't made egg nog ice cream--give it a try---easy to make--with or without whiskey-

I always got a lot of compliments on it--family favorite.

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Many thanks for taking the time to reply

I will try more cream

I used canned peaches because I didnt have access to fresh but the taste was pretty good

I will certainly try egg nog -- thans for the tip


Best, Mima

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