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Traveling With Knives

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This Christmas I have the luxury of visiting my family in Mexico that I have not seen in over a decade. The point I am trying to get to is I would love the chance to cook and show off a bit and I would love to do that with my own tools. If nothing else I would like to take my knife. In was just wondering if anyone had experience traveling with knives. Any advice would be very helpful and most welcome.

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The last time I flew knives were fine in your checked bags.

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The difference here is international travel. You may want to ask the airline now to see if the cutlery roll will raise red flags, even when it's traveling in the belly of the plane.

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I am from Canada now living in Austria and never had any Troubles with my knives being checked in my luggage. 

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 I too am from Canada and have travelled throughout the country and to the United States with a knife roll in my checked luggage. As it goes through customs I usually inform the officer that they are tools, and not to worry. Even this seems unnecessary, they always give me strange looks. 

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