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Online school opinion

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Hey guys,
Ive been working in culinary for 12 years of which 4 years as cook,4 as chef de cuisine,1 as executive chef and the last 3 as yacht/private chef.
I attended the art institutes culinary program in pursuit of a BA in culinary management. I completed one year and a semester because class schedules changed and I couldn't run my kitchen while attending school anymore. The "course scheduling lady" asked me word for word "do you want to go to school or work". Naturally I said to f**k off. This was 6 years ago.
I never really needed the paper, but I feel it would really help now that I am working in the private sector.

I work on yachts and for private families now and everything is great, but as a personal accomplishment I want to get my degree.

Here's my dilemma, I don't have the time to commit to class schedules and I travel constantly. When I say constantly I mean all the f**king time. So I thought about doing it online at escoffier international online culinary school. On the website it said it is accredited by ACF?

ANYA recommendations or input would be awesome!
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My first suggestion would be to think about the language that I use. If you wouldn't use certain words when interviewing for a job with private families or for a yacht position, why use them here?


When you were working as a chef de cuisine and later as an executive chef what would be your opinion of an applicant with a certificate of completion from an online school?


The school you mentioned is not accredited so no degree is received upon completion of coursework. What is received is a certificate of completion.


They recommend spending 5-10 hours a week for 4-6 months in order to complete their course. That is about the equivalent of 2-3 normal work weeks for someone in the profession. Not an overly impressive amount of time.


In all honesty, I would probably have a hard time viewing graduation from an online culinary school as a significant event.

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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