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Over the years we have bought these breads from grocery & department stores, many different brands and all have ended up bird food. This year figured I would take a chance and buy one from a company whoes olive oil I have become to like very much. So bought Chocolate and Panettone made with olive oil from Fratelli Carli. They were $21 each which is 3 times the price of stord bought ones but it's Christmas. Had the chocolate one Thanksgiving morning, WOW! Is this what they are supposed to taste like licklips.gif. The bread was moist and melted in my mouth thumb.gif. The chocolate was soft and melted in your mouth and what a chocolate flavor, this didn't become bird food bounce.gif. They are worth every penny and if you haven't tried them yet don't wait talker.gif. Looking forward to Christmas to have the other one biggrin.gif.

Their olive oil is also tops, bought myselfva gift box this year to try more of their products blushing.gif
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Hi Dagger, Reading your message I can recall the nicest panettone I have ever eaten which was a home made one a dear friend made for me. It was better than the many commercially made ones I have tried. I guess when "love" is one of the ingredients it is sure to taste great!

Your challenge now is to research recipes and make one better than Fratelli Carli. When I catch up with Angela in the near future I will ask her for her recipe and pass it on to you (if I can locate you again ..... I'm new to this site). Each to their own tastes ... I recall her panettone had lots of lovely spice and delicious figs. Your message has reminded me to hunt down the chocolate panettone recipe I viewed on a TV cooking show recently. It looked great too. Cheers

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