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Japanese Knifes : Moritaka vs Kikuichi vs Takayuki

Poll Results: Most Reliable and Trushworthy Japanese Knife Brand

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Getting my first 'proper'Japanese Knife. Though not a noob, the more i learn the more questions arises. :-D


Been cooking over 20 years, and kinda new and a little overwhelm trying to figure what would be best to purchase.


Have used and owned about everything else, henckel, wusthof, global, shun among others.


Preference: something with a thin, longer blade, preferably with a Japanese edge, right handed, Japanese handle


Just was curious what would be the top brands to choose under $400 a piece.


Please ANY correct advise would be appreciated. Assume I am an idiot and know nothing.

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For $400 you'll have quite a selection.

What size are you looking for ?
Just the one, or are you looking for a couple ?
Any preference on steel or aesthetics ?
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Thanks I did read back a little on the forum. I realize this question been asked many many times.


I want something that would last so hence spending a little more $$.


I lost most of my knifes when my tools were stolen. 


Just working with my wusthofs from home.


Would like a  kiritsuke 240mm:


 a petty 105:



a deba 180mm



a gyuto 210mm(steel Damascus) over the course of a few month

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About the Moritakas: not sure whether its distributor has finally got the overgrind issues under control. I wouldn't take the risk.
About a kiritsuke tip: looks great, but you may be better off with a classic gyuto with some upswing and an arrow tip.
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There has been some contention over an over grind issue with the moritakas. Don't know if this is still an issue.
I actually bought a 210 moritaka from cktg a year ago and I have no problems with the grind.
I do find it a very flat knife more in line with a nakiri than a gyuoto, that puts me off considering a 240. Just my personal preference.
Other than that very nice knives, thin, light and good steel. Easy to sharpen.

Konosuke HD2 is a very well thought of line of knives.
I have a 270 suji and like it a lot.

I'm sure you'll get plenty of other recommendations.

Ah, I see that Benuser beat me to it.
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I just get the feeling here in your case that you should talk to a chef who really knows Japanese knives, that of course would be Jon at Japanese Knife Imports.




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Thanks for the suggestions and help.

I ended starting with one of this:


I don't mind the Dasmacus, though I plan to use it quite a bit till i get my collection together.


Next knife would be a shorter petty/utility knife.


Any suggestions?

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@Keev  I have basically a clone of that in 19c27.  The patterned damascus looks suspiciously similar. 



I know nothing for sure and it was sold as Goko, but a lot of the makers make stuff for multiple brands.


If it's anything like mine, I think you'll like it a lot!

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That didn't take long, pros don't fool around I guess.  As to your petty, the one you have picked out is a great choice if this is going to see some heavy use as Blue#2 holds its edge well, and sharpens up nicely like AEB-L.




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it does have some eerily similarities.. :D . this one is a laser out of the box. won't be using it at work till I get some new cutting boards. :chef:

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Thanks for all the input and suggestions!


Holding off on the petty for now.

Wont be getting the kiritsuke,

but looking at this 2 knifes next:


An all purpose vegetable prep Nakiri and a general protein slicer sans bone.

They are both double edge which would prob work better for me at this moment.


I'm reading about the grind issues on Moritaka, I am willing to take the chance.

Partly, because I can get them at a decent price.


Would like a Deba, Boning, and Short Utility next.


Would appreciate Any comment , suggestion or experiences you can share...

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As to a unique kinda utility, these are working knives in the supersteel SRS-15




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I have experience with


- Yanagi

- Deba

- Usuba

- Gyutou

- Sujihiki


You need Deba and Usuba.


I didn't know anything about "Sujihiki" till about 10yrs ago.

I am using "Takayuki INO x 240" as my main tool. I recommend this if you need to work/move fast.

if not, Konosuke.


Masamoto is the king.

Kikuichi was good.

Sakai, fine.

Konosuke, Wow


here is the link for Japanese vender in LA.

Hope this helps.




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An usuba is a very specialized knife. Far from an all purpose vegetable blade.
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