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Looking for a couple of new knives, help please.

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Hello all.

I have skipped the introductions page, so apologies. My name is Keiran, I'm from the UK, and im looking for a couple of knives.

Currently I own a set of knives I bought from Holland. Unbranded, mass produced, western handle knives. They have done me quite well over the last 5 year, apart from now they seem to lose their edge faster than I can use them.

I have decided that I want to treat myself to a couple of knives that I will use frequently in the house. I am by no means a chef, but I do very much enjoy cooking and entertaining. Spending time in my kitchen is one of my favourite past times.

I am looking for a good quality knife, that will keep its edge, easy to use, comfortable. I'm ok with sharpening knives on a whetstone although I am currently using my grandfathers unknown stone, so I am willing to invest in this department.

I have been looking at the Kai Shun knives, in particular the premier Tim Malzer. I like the handle, and I love the pattern. I have had a read on here, and understand they are overpriced. I suppose my question is what looks and feels like these, but are better quality for the money.

I am looking for an 8" chefs knife and a carving/slicing knife. I am right handed, and use a pinch grip.

I'm struggling to find suppliers of anything similarly looking in the UK so could do with any advice you have to offer.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your replies
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Welcome aboard, Keiran. Something went wrong if blades were fine for some 5 years and only now you're getting troubles with the edge retention. My guess would be, they got fat behind the edge and make you put more weight into your cutting.
First, have them thinned and sharpened professionally.
Would you still look for another knife, get a middle of the road Japanese chef's knife, a gyuto, with a Western handle. So you get used to a lighter and thinner blade, a harder steel, a much better edge and fine tune your technique a bit. Later on you will develop your own preferences regarding weight, balance, profile, geometry, handle type, blade material etc. Have a look at
especially the Fujiwara, Kagayaki, Hiromoto and Misono. Have fun!
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Thank you.

I will take a look at them in a moment.

I will have a look in to re sharpening, but I think I am still looking for a couple if new ones.

Again thank you for your advice and I'm sure I will be back with more questions
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You're most welcome, Keiran. After thinning and sharpening your old ones may serve very well for tougher tasks.
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Hey Kieran, did you get your Tim Malzer??

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