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Based on price, was this a good deal?

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My biggest hobby is cooking and I love just about every aspect of it, recently I realized that a good portion of the struggle I was facing while cooking was due to poor knives, which resulted in slow preparation, to just about everything else that makes a knife a chef's best friend. So I began researching knives, and I frequented this site, along with others to find some decent knives at a decent price. I'm still in school so money is always tight, but since cooking is a passion of mine, I try and put money towards items that will not only last, but that I can benefit day in and day out. 


My first purchase was a two piece set of Wusthof Classic knives. An 8" chef's knife, and a 3.5" paring knife which I bought for $65.


My second purchase was a 3 piece set of Shun Classic knives. 8" chef's knife, 6" utility knife, and 3.5" paring knife which I purchased for $165. 


As someone who knows that there are better knives for the price in regards to both Wusthof and Shun, did a get a good deal on both of these purchases? I frequently hear that Shun are over priced, but is that in regards to MSRP? I really don't have much market sense in this aspect. 


Additionally, I'm looking to add to my line up. Really the only other knife I own is a victorianox 10" fibox that I use for cutting bread. What style of knife would you recommend to supplement my small set of knives? Really looking for style here, not necessarily a specific knife, but if there is a stand out that you would recommend, I'm all ears!



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Get a 240 or larger slicer/sujihiki.


Maybe something like a 10" Vic chefs for the big stuff.


Having your Shuns thinned is well worth the money also if you intend to keep them.  Save the Wusties for your bashers of course.


I would not have those Wusties for any price, but given [what I understand of] Shuns return/replacement policy I'd venture they were a reasonable deal if you're OK with that edge profile.  It seems you got both sets as cheap as they come.



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I think you did pretty good!

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