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brunch ideas

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Hello I need some new menu ideas for my brunch. It's just a brunch buffet and I have an oven a flat top and a Sautee station to work with. I do chicken bacon sausage sausage gravy Corned beef hash home fries scrambled eggs eggs Benedict every week and have 4 rotating items usually quiche pulled pork chicken or eggplant parm oh Yea I have a fryer to use too. Ziti and mac n cheese are common items to any help would be great I'm not much of a brunch person. Thank you.
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Her's a few ideas just to get the creative juices flowing


Mango French Toast

A sweet French baguette stuffed with mango, dipped in in a mango nectar, pan sautéed and topped with fresh star fruit and drizzled with a guava sauce


Not Your New York Cheesecake

A savoury cheesecake of cambozola cheese, roasted garlic, and crispy bacon with a toasted walnut crust


Tokoyo Benedict

Definitely a non-traditional benedict of a cucumber medallion topped with scrambled eggs, togarishi grilled prawns, drizzled with a wasabi black pepper sauce and topped with a chiffonade of crispy yam and pickled ginger


Tex-Mex Strata

Corn tortillas layered with salsa fresca, black beans, green onions, and monterey jack cheese baked in a sour cream egg custard


Spanakopita Roulade

A rolled souffle filled with the traditional Greek dish of sautéed spinach, fennel, and feta cheese, sliced and topped with a fresh red bell pepper sauce


 Bananas Foster French Toast 

batter dipped French bread, pan sautéed and topped with sautéed bananas and whipped cream, then drenched with a brown sugar, cinnamon rum sauce; served with fresh fruit


Feta Frittata 

an Italian omelette pie with feta, scallions, arugula, roasted red bell peppers and fresh herbs, baked in a hot oven; served with smoked salmon and an herbed creme fraiche accompanied with toasted baguette croutons


Roast leg of Lamb

with bubble and squeak cakes, an English oven baked potato pie with leeks, and savoy cabbage; served with roasted shallot gravy and steamed vegetables


Scottish Oatcakes

with chevre, vine ripe tomatoes and fresh basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, accompanied with fresh fruit

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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John Besh has a fig jam recipe on his web site this month.
I keep thinking of lemon scented crepes with fig jam filling.
Or maybe using it to fill French toast then add a dollop of Meyer lemon curd on top ?


Do you have any action stations?
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There is a waffle and omlette station
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