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Good Afternoon, 


I have been assigned the task of interviewing an Executive Chef , Owner/Operator or Kitchen Manager.  I live in the Inland Empire of Southern California.  If anyone has any contacts they might be able to refer me that would be greatly appreciated.  Please private message me if you would like to help me out with this project but have privacy concerns. 


The Interview calls for:


- Interviewee's name, title, place of operation.

- Background of interviewee, education and work history.

- Your career path and how it led you to where you are in the industry?

- Feelings on formal culinary education.

- What are the pro's and cons of the industry?

- What made you decide to become a Chef?

-What would you recommend to aspiring chefs new to the industry?


I don't know how much help I might receive from Chef Talk but I am grateful for those who choose to help me.  


Happy Holidays,


Aspiring Student Chef