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Hello Everyone

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Hi everyone,

I'm not nearly as experienced as any of you , but I was kind of hoping to learn a thing or two from you guys. Please be patient with me. 


Thanks :)

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Good morning @Sofarris and welcome to Chef Talk!
One or another of the mods will be along to say hi and explain the inner workings and rules for posting but I thought to offer a few tips on how to get the best bang for for your buck (don't freak there aren't any hidden charges here lol)

Read read and read some more!
Lotsa great articles as well as reviews of everything from cookbooks to knives to food products.
If you have a question find the correct forum and post there.
No need to post in more that one as there is a [new posts] feature that can be checked ... so your question will pop up there, be read and answered.

You will eventually come across a thread you find interesting and have a POV you want to express.
Check the date as it may be years old and no longer pertinent.
But then again some old threads can be revived many times as the culinary world is always changing... So just use your own judgement there.

I have found the members here to be generous with opinions as well as tips.
We are here and very much happy to demystify whatever you need whether it be a procedure or a puzzling recipe.

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@Sofarris hi and welcome to CT! Great primer from @flipflopgirl. I also use the search and advanced search feature like a food Goog/Bing.





"Ars Est Celare Artem"


True art, is to conceal art......


"Ars Est Celare Artem"


True art, is to conceal art......

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