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Hello all. Hope everyone is settling into a happy holiday season filled with friends, family and good cheer.


We've been on a mission here lately and it involves my daughter's swim team and the Wounded Warrior Project. First off, this is my only form of social media since I truly dislike and distrust the others. They tend to be too invasive and I've come to respect Nicko for how he has handled things over the years. Seriously, I've had so much compromised in the way of private information that I've deleted and cancelled my way back into the 1990's. Anyhow, this is my only source to "reach the masses" and I've come to know some of you all very well these last 9 years.


I also apologize for the vague references but I think if I said more, Id' be dancing all over one or more of the rules. Hopefully this is just enough outside that it won't break any of them. That said, this is not a solicitation, but rather an invitation for anyone out there that would like to learn more info about what we are doing and maybe finding a way to help. All you need to do isPM here at CT, email me ( ) and I'll explain everything or follow this link  and contact the office to help.


This is truly the most important undertaking we have ever done and it would be great to get some additional; support from those who can help. The one day event roles out January 31st.


The Wounded Warrior Project is one of those rare causes mostly because those we help, present us all with a very real reminder that our freedom is definitely not free and comes at a very high cost, especially to those who have "picked up the check" for us.


Thanks and Happy Holiday's to all.

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First let me say I totally agree with you about the social media thing.
I also closed out everything and am so far out of the loop sometimes miss family events lol.
Some complain but IMO if they need me they know where to find me lol.

Second is re Wounded Warrior Project.
For the past few summers there has been a little salt water fishing tourney that my fisherman has helped with .
He said the guys like him that fell thru the timeline crack and did not serve get way more out of it than the vets.
Humbling experience.

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