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Where oh where is all the seedless raspberry jam?

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I figure the manufacturers are trying to avoid raising prices by leaving the seeds (filler) in.
But at this point I am willing to pay double (which I figure I am paying anyway by having to strain them out) just to have something that would slice some time off this baking marathon.

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The other thing that has totally disappeared is frozen raspberries in syrup. 

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It's a conspiracy .

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@flipflopgirl I'm a thinkin' that when we were in California this past Summer, 

the Raspberry corp wasn't so hot, now the Blackberries on the other hand were CRAZY!

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I love making jellys and jams--but never had a raspberry crop big enough---I never though of making raspberry jelly----


You have me getting hungry---

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I use a lots of it.
Prefer it to be lowish in sugar and if not seedless then at least ones big enuf to catch on the first strain.
Just a PITA to strain ..... but it's gotta be done.
Nothing spells disaster like an event host walking around with stray seeds between his/her teeth, right?


I take so few jobs these days that it is just more cost effective to shop the Big Box places.....
Pick up quite a bit of pantry items if I can catch a good sale when doing the home grocery shop.

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Some of the bigger supermarkets in my area still have seedless raspberry but it takes some time to shop around and find it.


What seems totally missing, though, is currant jelly.  No Cumberland Sauce with the ham this year due to lack of currant jelly.


Oh... and prepared minced meat.  When it is on the shelf it is dusty.  Don't get me going...

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You can actually find current jelly where I live, even in the terrible chain grocery store in my neighborhood, but it's always on the very top shelf and, yes, a little dusty looking.


I did find frozen raspberries in syrup yesterday in the fancy schmancy grocery store that recently opened near me. I've avoided that place for months but I couldn't find superfine sugar at the newly remodled and "improved" (not) chain store, so I made the trip. The new store is seriously fancy. Grand piano playing on the weekends, wine bar, gelato bar, espresso bar, barbecue bar,  oyster & sushi bars (in the Midwest, mind you.) It took me an awfully long time to find the produce section but it was, I have to admit, amazing. Saw things there I don't think I've ever seen IRL. And, the chef/employee I met in front of the frozen puff pastry case told me he would try to get them to stock Dufour frozen puff pastry, which is made with real butter and pretty impossible to find here.

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Plenty of jarred mincemeat at all the stores here.
Not dusty and the price is reasonable .
No one likes it but me so have taken to keeping in the fridge and eating it out of the jar with a spoon.

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