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You should be fine. Don't have these stainless for others too refined. I would stop at 1k -- just deburring.
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So only stropping motion after 1k then?
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With light pressure too. I think what you have covers both stainless and carbon double bevels just fine. 


I only use my higher grit stones for yanagiba and straight razors.

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Okau thank you guys so much :-)
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BTW over 2k I still sharpen normally, but I apply more pressure on the edge trailing, almost none the other way.  Just use lighter pressure as you go up.  The burr is harder to feel too because it's going to be a smaller burr on those stones.  You have to use other senses than your fingers possibly.  Visual inspection, listening.  Flip more often and use less pressure on any stone and you can start deburring.

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So lets say i want a last stone for polish then the naniwa snow white 8k will be the best choice?
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My purpose with the Snow-white is getting rid of the last burr remainings. It leaves a great bite. The stone is no longer produced, I guess. This retailer still has it, though.
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But if you're fine with the King 6k getting a 8k isn't exactly urgent.
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After 6k (for some knives) I go cardboard then newspaper - amazing finish that way and lets face it - it's a working knife - too fine an edge will wear out faster.  For protein/butchery I quit at 3k then cardboard then newspaper - the inkier the better BTW.

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Mike 9, could you explain or direct me to your cardboard/newspaper technique?
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Cardboard has a percentage of clay in it so it's a fine abrasive strop material in its own right.  Newspaper is even finer because the ink particulate is a fine abrasive.  I learned this from a Murray Carter tutorial and damned if it doesn't work.  :thumb:

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In addition only: you use it as a medium to strop on, so you will perform light edge trailing strokes on it. Have the angle a tad lower than the sharpening angle. There's some confusion amongst us about angles: in my experience the angle that bites is the highest one, the stone sharpening angle is about one degree inferior, and so should the leather or newspaper stropping angle be one further degree inferior to the stone sharpening angle.
Black ink is terrific stuff. Gives both polish and a great bite. But it doesn't last all that long.
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