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That was basically what I meant. I look at being fired as you have not done your job right or you have not worked hard enough so they have got rid of you. You didn't do anything wrong so I just say let go.

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So, it's been a tough month looking for work, bad time of year, weather, etc.. Interviewed at a hospital, sous chef job, looks good, but a lot less money than what I was making. Also, though, 2 days off, less hours, etc. so maybe quality of life might be better, it's a trade off, the older you get, the more you start thinking about how much you have missed out on over the years, weddings, parties, communions, baptisms, birthdays, so it's a toss up. Life, or no spending money?

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I sympathize. While I made more at my last serious job on a yearly basis but no benefits, based on the hours I had to put in the hourly rate was horrible. Now I have more per hour and benefits, less per year but time off to enjoy my friends and family. You are right, getting older gives you some perspective. Or as Bonnie Raitt so aptly put it, "Life gets mighty precious when there's less of it to waste". 

If I ever get a job offering a great yearly salary, I'll be sure to figure out the actual hourly rate to make sure I'm not selling my life on the cheap. 

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