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Sea Bass

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I work in a seafood restaurant and recently one of the waiters asked me a question about sea bass. He said that he was watching a program on tv that stated sea bass is not the actual breed of fish it was some type of trout. My waiter wasn't sure what it was called, he couldn't remember. Has anyone heard of this? Or am I just "sea bass" ignorant? Thanks,
Chef BK
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First, never trust a waiter.:D
B, he's kind of right but not really.
Chilean Sea Bass is not a Sea Bass.
Black Sea Bass is a Sea Bass.
Giant Sea Bass is not a Bass.
Striped Bass is a Bass.
Sea Bass is not a Trout.
Sea Bass is Salt Water, Trout is Fresh Water.
So, he's right that the Sea Bass name is sometimes missused, but he's wrong about the Trout thing.

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Chilean Sea Bass is actually Patagonian Toothfish, but since that name doesn't sound too appetizing they gave it the market name of Chilean Sea Bass.
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