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Hi all. I wanted to say how great it is to find, and join, a great community of like minded people. It can be difficult to find time in this industry to engage other chefs, particularly when the majority I interact with are local competition or (generally) disappointing employees. I can identify with almost every post I've read in some way, it's fantastic to see others lending their experienced hands to those in need.
I've been searching for podcasts or literature from, and for, professional chefs, but I've had very little luck. KCRW does have one called 'Good Food' but it's limited. I wonder if anyone reading this in the industry has ever considered making a series of podcasts for chefs. I wonder if anyone reading this would care to listen to professional chef podcasts?
Anyhow, I really just wanted to thank the moderator for creating a wonderful forum.
I hope I can be of assistance as well as all of you have, to so many.
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Welcome chef 😃👍
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