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I was asked to cook in 1 day a whole week menu for a couple so they can have it ready in the fridge and just warm it up every day during the week. It is my first experience working like this. I cook raw and vegan style ( not only raw) I mostly teach raw food preparation workshops, and have my own line of healthy produtcts, organic chocolates, etc.... but this time I took the challenge of this request, and looks like more people are interested. My job is:

*Planning the whole week´s  menu ( soups, salads, staples, nut milks, vegan cheese, main courses, no desserts)

*I do the shopping one day.

*The next day I cook in one day the whole ammount for the week. It took me like 10 hours this time, on my own, no dishwasher helper.  

Im not very clear how much to charge... and if I cook for 2 people should it be double fee or not exactly double?

Should I charge per person, per hour, per day, per task? 

Comments please! 

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I really hope you're not charging by the hour. 10 hours to prepare 7 meals, even at 3 courses seems like a lot of time. I would look into charging a fee per meal.

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