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Steak Tartar

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I'm starting a late night bar menu 4 days per week 3 hours per day. Im planning on buying a large piece of beef & cutting to order, I'm wondering how other chefs do steak tartar (pre cut? Pre cut & pre mixed? Pros & cons on all options?)
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Steak tartar is a menu item that could potentially be a health and safety concern.

The raw beef and raw egg yolk (if you're going that route) is the concerns.

It would probably be best to make it to order every time.

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+1. Steak tartar is one of those things you have to do to order. Make sure all your utensils are clean as this is a high Health and Safety risk dish. I work in UK and had Steak tartar on the menu many times in many different versions. Last time I had a visit from H&S person I was told that in order to serve it I would have to sear my chosen peace of meat on all sides, than cut of the cooked bits and chop the meat underneath that would be safe for consumption, Needles to say I took it off the menu, because cost went up and was very awkward for service. I understand their concern but sometimes think they do go over the top.
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