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should i get a new job

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Long story short:

I finished all of the training i want to have at my restaurant so while im working on my long term and short term goals for my career path i have decided to become pregnant.

While pregnant i have notice that i cant do half of my job and my boss professionally changed my schedule to make my pregnancy easier on my job

I also asked if there is any office work i can do at my restaurant so if i get pregnant again it wont effect my job

My boss said the only position they have available is a host.

My question is:
Should i become a hostess while im improving my nonprofit second job?
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Really, only you can make that decision----you need a job that allows flexibility as you start your family--your current boss is working hard to be accommodating---


But ,you need to take a look at your situation and figure out what will be best for your family.

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Ok i understand thanks
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