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Happy to reconnect with ChefTalk

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We've been a resource for ChefTalk in years past, and happy to share our passion for all things flavorful. 


Chef Joel Robuchon was quoted in October 2014 as predicting, "The cuisine of the next 10 years will be vegetarian."  We're seeing many signs that lead us to believe he might be right.


After we lost four parents -- all to cancer -- between 2000 and 2009, we could no longer ignore the headlines linking nutrition and wellness.  Seeking insights into a more healthful diet, we read everything we could get our hands on about nutritional science.  We were stunned to learn that the #1 cause of death in the United States is nutritionally-preventable diseases -- e.g., cancer, diabetes, and heart disease -- and that diets that forego animal protein in favor of plant protein are associated with a lower risk of all three.


We ended up coming to the same conclusion as Michael Pollan:  "In all my interviews with nutrition experts, the benefits of a plant-based diet provided the only point of universal consensus."


So, the two of us -- lifelong omnivores and flavor hedonists -- shifted to a whole-foods, plant-based diet in May 2012.  And no one could have been more surprised than us to discover what a delicious and joyful experience this has been. 


Today, we're reconnecting with ChefTalk so that we can offer to be a resource for chefs and cooks who want to develop a more plant-based approach to their cooking -- in a way that has kitchens and dining rooms alike excited about all the new flavorful possibilities.

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And I'm confident that can I speak for everyone on Cheftalk.  We are glad to have you back.  :)

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