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Getting a exclusive job in South America

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Hello everybody,


i would like to ask an open question ,any ideas or advice's as always would be an amazing help.


I am 29 years age,7 years of experience working in a kitchen, starting from just an assistant till becoming a sous chef.


I have been living for 10 years in Cyprus and planning to leave it for good by the period of 2015 July - August, to increase my knowledge into food and culture and learn new amazing things from most creative spots i manage to get in. 


I have developed love and passion for modern cuisine, after doing 5 months practice and work in London UK at one respected restaurant having 2 rosette status, where i increased my knowledge into fusion ,molecular and fine dining trends of today.


Currently i am working at a newly based Marina Of Limassol, Cyprus , where i took part and helped to create a unique lounge restaurant concept where we mix traditional Mediterranean flavors and indulge them with our molecular gastronomy and try to find unique new ways to cook and present our dishes.


Anyway enough of promotions and talking, from chef to chefs now,question is :


Im dreaming to go for a trip and to spend 2 months in Peru and Brazil, what are the chances of getting a exclusive job there ? I am talking about people Like Alex Atala, at the D.O.M.


I have read 100 of reviews and i understand that my chances are very poor,but i would like to apply online,send them a motivation letter (should i ?) ,my cv, all recommendations and etc.And off course tell them that im willing to do a probation period,stage, or any possition available.....


To prove to them how determined i am i can even fly there for few days.



Im not married,i have no children, almost no fears, and actually i think i could sell my self completely - the aim is just to learn new things, create, work hard and be part of something amazing.


How stupid ,crazy or impossible my plan is ? as I understand funding is NEEDED too, as i am on my own and without ANY guarantee.


But well if a chef has no dreams it means there is no passion, and passionles working we know where it leads....


Thank you for your reading ,waiting for any answers.

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Essentially what I read of your post is the ultimate question: Should I take a chance at life??


Answer: YES!!! The worst thing that will happen is they will say no. C'est la vie!


As a woman who has been in this business for a long time starting at a time when women were not very welcome in the industry, I can honestly say that NO FEAR and NOT TAKING NO FOR AN ANSWER has given me the most varied and abundant experiences in my life (as well as thick Early in my career I have had to beg and plead and prove my worth but not one person who has worked with me has ever said that my perserverance did not pay off. So do not give up no matter what, if you want it bad enough....then go get it!


I wish you well :)

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Hey! Thnx for your possitive words,tottaly respect that.
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