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I just starting my personal chef business and got my first client. I am doing a romantic dinner for two right before valintine's day. But I feel luke I have no clue what I am doing. I need advice. Do I serve their meals? Do I cook and let them serve themselves? Do I bring plates and glasses? Table cloths? What kind of contract do you create for a one time event? I want this night to be amazing because it is my first client and I am hoping for many more. Please help
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Sit down with the client and ask them these questions.

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I agree with Chef Ross... you need to sit down with the client and ask them all these questions. Better yet, not only ask but put it down on paper as to what their expectations are and draw up a contract that you and the client signs. This way there is no grey area, you know exactly what they want, and later when it comes down to settling the bill, you have something to back yourself up with.

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