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Studying for Practicum

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Would love any suggestions for studying for a practicum. We are required to know basic recipes and methods for things like mother sauces, stocks, pâte à choux, pastry cream etc. It's been a long time since I was last in school and am looking for thoughts and suggestions on memorizing and preparing for a practicum.


Share your experience with them, methods for studying and anything that has helped you professionally.


Thanks in advance! 

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Practice and taste and practice some more.
Try as many types of cuisines at the best restaurants as often as you can afford.
Go home and try to reproduce the menu
This will help develop your palate .
You must know when your dish is off , why it is off and how to fix it.
Live and breathe food.

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Thanks mimi. I can definitely eat and develop my palette. I'm finding it hard to notice the subtleties that others notice. The knowledge bit is also stressing me out. I appreciate the feedback!

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I would like to soften my post a bit.
Not sayin' there is never room for you to add your spin here and there.
Just you should know what the originals should look and taste like because that is expected knowledge and what your pass or fail will depend on.

World would be a dull place without room for change.


Edit.... spell check working overtime today lol.
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