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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom regarding tempering.


We have for the past couple of years tempered chocolate using a microwave where the end result is using frozen marble to create ruffles that top our choc cake range. Never had any issues with this.


However we wish to include a range of other cakes and chocolate treats. We purchased a Rev5 tempering machine thinking this would make life!


Nothing we do with this machine works, no end of chocolate and a few weeks still produces random results from what is supposed to be a sophisticated, automatic machine.


What we are trying to temper choc to do is:


Pour choc over cakes to create a dripped effect down the sides,

Various moulds like a heart shape etc.


We temper Callebaut chocolate as per the exact machine instructions.

When poured over a cake at room temp it dried all streaky with white speaks all over. Looks a mess.

Moulds are the same. Uneven with streaks of white and grains running through.


The machine was sent back to supplier and tested, nothing wrong.

We have tested every stage using a food thermometer and the readings are correct.


We have bought brand new difference.


We are beside ourselves on how to solve this issue. The company have said we can send the machine back and get a refund however microwaving choc doesn't produce the quantity and that can also be a bit hit and miss.


If anyone has any advice either using this machine or not so we can pour milk Callebaut chocolate to get nice clean results and using moulds we would be sooooooooooo grateful :)


Kind regards, Pete