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help with first gyuto in europe

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Hi all. I'm about To enter in a culinary accademy in Italy And i wanted To Buy my first gyuto before starting.
I was searching for the konosuke hd 240 mm But it seems To be impossible To find it in europe. Buying it from the US is Very expensive for the shipping cost And The Tax. Does Anyone know where could i find it? The only alternative i found is the masakage Yuki That should be ok But if it's possible I would prefer the konosuke.
I Hope someone could help me. I accept Even suggestion for other good knives.
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Hey Francesco, welcome aboard. I buy my knives with JCK,
They have a flat shipping rate of $7. I don't know about the zeal of Italian custom officers, but so far I've entered all knives from Japan into Europe without paying VAT, custom charges or handling costs. Every sending from the US though got verified and I had to pay.
Within Europe, I know about who sell the Konosuke.
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Hi Mac, I recently bought a knife from Japan and asked that the parcel value be marked at 20 USD or the JPY equivalent. Supplier was happy to do this and it cleared customs without incurring duties.
However, if I was doing it again I'd start with a domestic supplier for ease of return options. Quite a few people on this forum have described experiences of receiving damaged or imperfect knives, and this is harder to resolve with an overseas retailer.
I contacted konosuke about an hd2 (as it was one of the knives I was considering) and they put me in touch with a uk supplier - I'm pretty confident that if you email them they will be able to give you an Italian supplier...
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If you google konosuke-sakai and then go to their 'contact' page you can send a message - I recon they must have a supplier in Italy, certainly they have one in the UK.
Great knife from what I hear.
Good luck!
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Thank u all for the answers. I've found a uk store where They sells konosuke And i contacted the konosuke sakai in japan To let me know if there is an italian supplier. I think i Will have my knife in a month or 2.
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Nice one macaso, hope you are very happy with it. I've read some great reviews of the hd2.
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