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Twelve Herb Salad

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Does anyone know how to make a Twelve Herb Salad?  I heard this mentioned on one of Rick Stein's TV programmes.  I've emailed and emailed to ask him the ingredients but heard nothing.


The idea of sourcing all the twelve herbs sounds challenging but fun (especially from my limited selection of supermarkets) but I'd really love to make it for my family.


Cannot find any recipes online, anywhere, for it.


If anyone knows how to make one, please could you post.


Thank you!

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Herb salads are something fun that I like to do occasionally, usually in the warmer months when there's a larger variety available.


It could go like this:


flat-leaf parsley leaves

cilantro leaves


lemon verbena

summer savory




chive blossoms

basil leaves


I'd do a simple white wine or lemon juice vinaigrette as the dressing. 

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