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obviously rust is bad, wrapped it in a dry towel, leaving it out of duty for now, waiting on oil, then probably going to take 5,000 grit stone to the side of the blade, try to get the rust spots off.

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the steel MAC uses is very reactive... I would hesitate to call it stainless. If I have anything left on the face of my blade below the edge guard my MAC will rust within 12-24 hours. Not really a big deal just need to be very judicious in wiping off the blade and making sure it's nice and clean and dry before sheathing it and storing.
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Amazing, this is the first I've heard of the MAC being semi-stainless.




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wasn't even exposed to anything very acidic, a side from using it at home on an onion, which i'm fairly certain i wiped clean the blade promptly, i think i only used it 1 day at work and i just made several dozen orders of fresh linguine, so nothing acidic, just pasta dough.

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Originally Posted by Rick Alan View Post

Amazing, this is the first I've heard of the MAC being semi-stainless.

I think the chef series is not the same steel as the mighty and whatever the higher end model is. I know it's not a semi by composition and am maybe being hyperbolic... they are more reactive than anything I've used to this point (no carbon). Especially where edge guards are concerned, I've seen alot of little rust spots on mac knives. Carelessness, of course.
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If left out after use for hours without immediate cleaning, I doubt any steel bladed knife will resist starting to rust (i.e., developing Fe2O3 - sorry if I don't have subscript).  Once started, then rust development will continue until it is removed.  Fe2O3 does not form a patina (unlike Fe3O4) and will just merrily allow for further oxidation behind the initial surface.  And it's a cascading effect - it starts out tiny, but grows exponentially.


And it's accurate to call stainless knives "stainless" rather than "stainfree", since they will literally "stain less".  That does not mean they won't rust, if given a chance.


Most "stainless" knives have a high chromium content and atmospheric oxygen will quickly bond to the surface chromium - especially if the surface is clean and dry.  That chromium oxide forms a shiny silverish patina which is resistant to oxygen going below the surface.


That's a major reason why knives should be cleaned IMMEDIATELY after use, dried and then put away clean and dry.


As for the steel in MAC knives - MAC generally only uses one proprietary steel, which I seem to recall BDL supposed was akin to VG-1.  The differences between the "Superior" series, "Ultimate" series and the MTH-80 (8 inch)"dimpled" (i.e., with Kullens) Mac Pro is that they use what MAC refers to as "Superior" steel processing.  It's a different hardening process (probably in the Quenching and Tempering stages) and the blades are noticeably thicker than other similar, non-"Superior" MAC's.




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alright, that was enough of a kick in the pants to take my 5,000 grit stone out and polish out the rust. My birthday is wed, and a friend said he's going to get him a higher grit stone. So i was going to wait until i got it, and until i got oil thurs. but if rust is growing exponentially...

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Get a Sabitori (rust eraser) they work quite well.


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Lately I've been using trizact automotive sandpaper 3k-5k grit for the same purpose

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One more thing. I just noticed today that the picture of the MBK 110 on Mac's official site has 2 rivets on the handle and the knife i received has 3 rivets. Also, the material of the handle looks a little different, might just be the lighting i guess. Could this be a fake?

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Maybe it's changed.  CKTG sells one that looks like yours

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yeah, just contacted mac and they said they started making them with 3 rivets in the early 2000s, that the pics are just dated on their site.

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