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Kitchen Injuries

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I was cleaning a tomato slicer today at work when I accidentally sliced my pinky finger. Luckily it was nothing serious but it got me thinking . I was just wondering what some of your worst kitchen injuries were and what protocols, if any, were/are in place to deal with those situations.


One of my worst injuries was at my previous job. At that job we were required to wear cut resistant gloves. I was making the soups and I was slicing celery for my mire piox when I raised my knife just a little to high. I was using my knuckles as a guide as is common practice. When the knife came down I sliced through my cut glove and into my knuckle. The cut was so deep that when I moved my finger I could see the tendon move. I'm sure if I had cut any deeper I would have really messed up my finger. After it happened I was so afraid of the repercussions that I did not report my injury. The problem was that they basically created the feeling that there were no accidents and if anything did happen it was your own fault and would probably be reprimanded for it. 

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I have seen management go through some very convoluted excersises to avoid paying l&i claims. But if stuck with a claim, they always pay... it's the law. A cut is pretty straightforward, though.
If the injury happens at work, they have to pay, employee negligence or no, natch?
My worst ones were always burns, but at least i thought they weren't bad enough to go to the doctor.
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The current place I work, I was basically yelled at for suggesting we might need band aids. I just started ordering them myself.
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