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Tweaking Resume - Need Help/Suggestions

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Hello Everyone,
I live in one of the bigger food cities in the south and as I have come to learn, in this city, word gets around fast amoungst the food/beverage/hospitality industry "subculture". So first impressions and reputations are very critical in establishing yourself here. So I am placing great emphasis first and foremost on my resume, more than I have ever before.
To get to the questions:
1) Should your resume include all of your past jobs or just the previous 3 or 4?
2) Should the resume be "short and sweet", only one page? A cover page or references per request?
3) When listing responsibilities, what are some decent guide lines to follow to help consolidate text?
4) Any other suggestions you can think of to help critique the finer details of a resume, please share!
Thanks for you help!

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Keep it short and sweet, highlight your largest resposibilities at each place, don't list things at more than one place in order to save space. You don't need to have every single job on there, the 4 or 5 most recent and most relevant will do. Refrences on request, do a cover letter tailored to the place your applying
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4 jobs is the norm I think.  I always include a cover letter tailored to the job I'm applying for.  What may help is putting a post on Facebook to see if any of your friends have any experience in resume writing.  That worked for me.

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Short, the point. Grammar & spelling count.

Avoid catch phrases and cliches.

Unless you had a serious position (I.e. Sous, butcher, etc. just list the restaurant, the dates applicable, and your position (line cook, sauté, prep cook, porter, steward, etc.) in the verbiage that restaurant used.

If I'm a local guy, I know the restaurant and know what they do. Telling me you're the chef de sauté (and its a BBQ place) and cover counts is wasting my time.

Serious positions (read salary, opening, closing...deep respondsibility) break those jobs down a little bit more.

References should be furnished upon request but be able to produce them if I ask for them on the spot.

Ask for a stage in your cover letter and tailor it to the chef and restaurant specifically.
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