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Becoming a "Preferred Vendor" with venues- What "deal" do we offer?

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Hey everyone,

I run a small pastry & dessert catering business (Northern NJ) and am now going into meetings with NYC/NJ venues (nightclubs, event spaces, restaurants, etc) that are offering to recommend my business to their clients that are looking for custom cakes, sweets, etc


These venues do NOT have their own pastry chef(s) and receive many requests for dessert caterers/custom cake shops from the people planning to have their event at their venue(s).


I have some initial meetings scheduled to bring samples and discuss the possibility of becoming a vendor that they recommend, and I want to be prepared;

What kind of "deal" or other business agreement should I prepared to offer, should they ask?

I'm sure that they are not simply going to agree to throw business my way with no reciprocation.


I've had my business for about 2 years, but this type of situation is a new one, and I'd like to make it happen. 


Any thoughts, advice? Do any of you have experience with this?


Thanks so much!


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Be careful and listen----


Some of these may work out--others may kill your business---


Find out what they want  on the first meeting--do not offer any 'Deals' without going back to the shop and carefully analyzing their proposal.


We had a number of arrangements with halls and Forrest Preserve owned county clubs.


I wanted nothing to do with percentage pay backs---except for one concession stand we did annually.


Will the venues be selling your product as part of their food service? Will they be simply handing out your name?


If they are selling--you need to make sure they understand your minimum orders for delivery.


A few more details would help.

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Thanks so much for your advice & input-


Right now, the venues we are meeting with are not seeking to sell our product in their establishment,

but since we have done cakes etc. personally for some of their mgt, we have been approached with this possibility.


They're not looking to add our items to their menu(s); but they seem to have a number of clients (who are choosing to

have events there) inquiring often about where they can purchase a special cake or other items for their parties. 


Thanks again!

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