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Cookie cooking times

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What is the fastest a cookie can be cooked?  Is it possible to change the type of ingredients to speed up the process?  I've got a standard gas oven, and a convection at my disposal.  I know the convection will do it faster, but is there any way I can bring the cooking time to around 3-5 minutes per batch?  I've got a ton of cookies to make next month.  Thanks for any input you experts can offer!

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Depending on the size and type of cookie, there's really no way you're able to bake a cookie under 10-12 minutes. Even something as quick and simple as a small shortbread cookie, it'll take 10 minutes. It's not possible. Making a batch of cookies every few hours for a week and properly storing them then in the freezer and pulling them for the event will work best. Do not risk underbaking the cookies and getting people sick or risk having many break on you because they're doughy.

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Have you seen this thread... similar question.  You might learn something from reading the answers!

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