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to beat or not to beat

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I've got a recipe for a cake that says to beat the egg whites separately to stiff peaks and fold into the batter...I guess this makes it lighter in texture? Will it be like an angel food cake? I don't want that. Can I just leave the recipe as is and just put the eggs in together?

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Can't really help you unless you give the recipe. Egg whites are part of the leavening process so if there is no other leaveners in the recipe, not following through might produce a flat product. However, this is hard to tell as I do not have the recipe in front of me.

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Thanks for the reply! Sorry for leaving out the recipe; it's this one:
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Okay...the reason they have you beat the egg whites to soft peaks is to give lift to this otherwise pound cake style recipe. It will ultimately be your  choice as to how heavy of a texture you want the cake to turn out to be. A chiffon cake (aka: angel food cake) does not have butter and uses a vegetable oil to keep the recipe light and fluffy.

I would challenge you to make the cake following the recipe and one cake without beating egg whites and compare them side by side. You will then be able to tell which one is your favourite texture and taste. Besides, there are always family and friends that would love to have a taste test!


Have fun! 

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Yay!  An answer from a professional pastry chef--so cool!  Thank you!

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Lol....anytime! It all starts with just liking food....hehe ;)


Make sure to take pictures to show us how ya did!

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Ok so here it is (if you're wondering why it's green, it's because I added matcha powder to make it a green tea cake).  I made the recipe as written, beating the egg white separately.  As you can see, it did not turn out light and spongy at all!  In fact, I think I messed up somehow because I think it should be "fluffier" than this.  It tastes really nice anyway!

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Mmmmmm....well it certainly looks like a very yummy cake and great first go at the recipe!!!


I was just wondering how much matcha powder did you add and when did you add it?? When folding the egg whites in did you fold them in until you could see no more egg whites or until just incorporated with some egg whites still showing??

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Oooh I think that's where I went wrong--folding the egg whites in too long.  I did it until I couldn't see the whites anymore.  :(  I added 2 heaping tablespoons of matcha as I really wanted the green tea flavor to come through--I whisked it together with the flour, baking powder, and salt.

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Cool, then you have already tackled your problem for the next round of delicious cake making! Beaten egg whites should be just incorporated or gently folded in so that you can get that fluffiness. However, lets admit, no matter how the cake turned out texture wise it still tastes AWESOME!!!

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