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Need some fresh ideas...

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Hi Guys,


So im a Sous Chef for a old school high end restaurant. I have recently started pastries and desserts two days a week. 


I am required to make tarts, cheesecakes and any other special desserts i want. We have over 26 desserts on the menu and have a dessert room upstairs its pretty awesome. 


Im not really a pastry chef and don't have the palate for coming up with flavors that work well I'm mainly concerned with tarts and cheesecakes-


some of the ones i make currently are-



- creme de leche ( carmel), ganache and banana

- lemon curd with cardamom 

-orange pastry cream with ganache and cointro liquor 

-english custard with whole raspberries, topped with white chocolate ganache




-raspberry marble



-bannas foster

-bourbon pecan 



there are more however i am tired of giving them the same thing week after week and haven't had any good ideas latley


chime in if you have any ideas



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Oh man....I have more than a few however if you want to let me know what are the ones you are tired of so I do not mention anything similar we can go from there ;)

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Chocolate Lingonberry Tart with Port Sauce


Key Lime Tart with a Coconut Ginger Crust and a Mango Guava Coulis


White Chocolate and Ginger Tart with Membrillo Sauce


Caramelized Orange Tart with Blackberry Puree


Pina Colada Tart with a Meyer's Dark Rum Sauce


Green Tea Ginger Tart with Passionfruit Sauce


Chocolate Cherry Mousse Tart with a Szechuan Peppercorn Sabayon


Matcha Tart with a toasted Almond Crust and Serunding Kelapa Sauce

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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Mmmmm....@cheflayne you are a man after my own, I mean heart...hehe

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Hi - I've worked in country clubs as an assistant catering chef, prep, and nightly line cook... however, after things started growing we ended up needing a person with a pastry background (which was myself) and I ended up switching to pastry full time. I would honestly keep up the high end work and stay with the classics but switch out the fillings and toppings. Make it simple so the regulars and newbies who come in and won't be surprised with change. It's hard to change such a huge menu, especially with your amount of work you're doing. Personally, I'd hire a pastry chef. Putting a sous chef off his position onto pastry really overworks the sous. You'll need help.


Thanks.. Good luck.

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