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Cooking Steak in a Pan on a Grill

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Hello all, I'm pretty new to cooking and I have some questions on how to cook some Filet Mignon. 


Here's my situation- I don't like the way steak tastes being cooked over a gas grill and I love the way it tastes seared over a hot pan on the stove top then finished off in the oven. I can't cook my steaks over the stove top in my house anymore because it creates so much smoke and the smell lingers for a a couple of days.


I have a gas grill outside and a cast Iron pan and I'm wondering how I should go about cooking my filet's with that combo. It's really cold outside so I'm wondering, do I leave the top down or up? Will the pan get hot enough on the grill? I also have a steel pan is that ok to use on the grill?

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With a gas grill always have the lid down.  Try getting the pan screaming hot with the grill on full blast, once you put the steak on turn the burners all the way down to low until the steak is to your desired level of being done.  Let us know how it turns out!

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Warm you gas grill up to no more than 250 degrees... If you have a 3 burner grill just light one burner. This is called 2-zone grilling. Put your cast iron skillet on directly over the active burner when you light it.

Put your steak on away from the direct heat. Your baking it now - lid down. You need an instant read thermometer for this cook - I use a Thermapen.. When your steak is 20 degrees under your desired final temp, pull it off and put it on a plate. Turn on all of your burners to get the heat of your skillet up to Mach 10 heat. lid up for the rest of the cook.

Lightly blot your steaks with a paper towel. You don't want any steam while your are searing it. Baste your steaks with peanut oil or, I use Beef Love, rendered suet. Place you steak into your skillet, I use grill grates, google it, they are really cool. Remove your steak when your Thermapen says they are 5 degrees less than your desired temp. The carryover cooking will give you the other 5 degrees.

125 degrees is rare. 130/140 degrees is medium. over that temp... Buy select grade steaks and stick it in a broiler until it looks like shoe leather.

2 to 4 hours before I want to cook my steaks I dry brine them with just salt. I pat them dry and salt them. That helps the meat retain its moisture and allows the salt to penatrate deeper into the meat. Then put them in the refridgerator on a sheet pan that also has a slightly elevated cooling grate on it, so both sides of the steaks gets circulation. 1 hour before I'm going to put it on the grill I take them out of the refridgerator and let them come to room temperature.

I don't put freshly ground pepper on them until after they come out of the skillet because that skillet is so hot it will burn it off. Once it's out of the skillet... Put your pepper on it and drop an ounce of butter on it.

This is called the Reverse Sear method... Try it, you'll like it.

I like to serve steaks with Fettacine Alfredo, asparagus with hollendaise sauce, home made garlic sourdough bread and a heavy red wine.

If my guests want I also will serve a Bernaise sauce. That's seems unnecessary if you are using Choice or Prime grade meat. It could be considered criminal if your were serving Wagyu... If you can get it.
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