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Saltine cracker recipes?

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Hey. A restaurant I'm at wants to try doing a "saltine" cracker for bread service. At first I wasn't too keen but thinking about it; it's a good way to do a bread service while keeping things light/not stuffing diners with bread.

We want to do big sheets and break them into shards. I have a lavosh recipe that i like bit it's kind of a pain as you have to roll the dough through a pasta roller to get it nice and thin and then put an upside down rack on top of the dough when baking to keep it flat. Would like something easier as we'll be making lots.

Any ideas, suggestions? Thanks.
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Maida Heatter has a recipe for corn melba crackers in one of her books; all of her books are written for home cooks but I've been able to successfully scale up a lot of her recipes in the past.  Here's a link to a blog post someone did about the recipe.  Hope this is something you can riff off of or use:

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