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Comb Cuisine?

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Creating ways to use comb honey beyond a cheese plate. As a chef and beekeeper I see honey as textures beyond the typical liquid form. I would like to hear of how you may have used comb honey. I will offer up some ideas to explore together, but I want to hear what you have tried. Too bee continued...

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Not sure it's relevant but I eat local (50 mile or less radius), comb raw. Suck on the wax for an hour or so and my pollen allergies/hay fever all but disappear. I would love to keep bees myself unfortunately I am deadly allergic to their little stingers. Ce la vie.

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With rare exception the comb would be eaten raw. One of my fav ways to use it is to allow the honey comb to crystalize then dice it into small cubes that can be tossed into a salad. 

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