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Uneven custard cooking

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I've been bestowed the wonderful task of making my restaurants Creme brulee, the recipe is theirs, but I'm having trouble getting them to cook evenly, up until now I've only had to make smaller sized custards. Any advice?
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Can you describe the recipe & method?
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If not using a water bath go lie and slow, 250 or 275 until set.. Time will depend upon the size of your dish
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That's low, not lie 😄
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They're your standard round custard dishes. About 4 inches wide and 1 inch deep. I was told to bake them at 300 until set, now someone else is telling me 325 until set. I am using a water bath.
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I'll start by asking basic questions to make sure we all know what we think is obvious. 

 if the oven is calibrated? If so then bake them at either temp until set. Whichever you find best because high temp, shorter time, low temp longer time .  If the oven is not calibrated that would be a good thing to have taken care of. 

From your post you say they are not baking evenly. Your oven may have hot spots and the custards may benefit from being turned around half way through cooking. 

When you fill the pans with water, is the water hot? If it is cold to begin with, the time will necessarily be longer. Remember the custard dishes will absorb some of the heat from the water. If cold water, everything takes longer to heat. 

And of course regardless of the size dish, the two eggs per cup of milk remains as a standard custard recipe. 

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Who has been doing them up until now?
Could you maybe pick their brain re recipe tips and oven operation trix?

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