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Was wondering....

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Could we have a PAIRING FOOD & DRINK category instead of just a PAIRING FOOD & WINE category as I feel it is very limiting to have a title that only pertains to wine and not other delicious drinks. Although I do understand that some people still ask questions that are not about wine in that category, I feel it would promote more food pairing conversation. Thank you so much!! You all do a wonderful job on this site :thumb:



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Beers go with food better than wine nowadays stout and chocolate @ stout ribs based sauce
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I agree!! I work with lots of beer, stout, lagers, rum, bourbon, whiskey and scotch. I am making my own bitters and I would love to see this site category reflect the changing world of food and drink pairings. I have also been consulting for food pairing with a small batch roasting coffee company. Amazing amount of flavour profiles (up to 800+) and wine only has approximately 400+ flavour profiles. So much fun!!

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