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Which griddle do I need?

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Good day people,


I will be opening a take out place soon, mostly stews on the menu. Before I do the wet cooking I would like to properly brown the meat for better taste and look results.


My concern is that I'm hesitating between Cast Iron Griddle Pan to go on the stove or to buy a separate Griddle


Does the separate Griddle do a better job than the CI pan?


Does either one require less attention/less burning risk when browning meat? (I see chicken breasts at Chipotle Mexican Grill just sitting on the large Griddle browning and with no close attention


Is either one more gas efficient than the other?


Thank you.

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Anybody can help with some insight?

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One thing you may want to keep in mind is that if you are browning meat for a stew, and you use a separate griddle instead of the pan, you will not get any fond, which just adds to the richness of the stew.  I would suggest only using a griddle for grilling meats to order, not for stews.  I would say if anything use a big pot, and brown the meat in the pot you use for the stew.  I don't know what type of volume you anticipate or what kind of yields your recipes are for, but I wouldn't buy a griddle just to grill meat that goes in a stew. 


Also, typically with stews you are browning the outside of the meat, but not cooking it all the way through before it is incorporated into the stew.  Most stew meats would be too tough if grilled before added to a stew. 


I don't know what kind of budget or equipment you are working with, but I would say keep it simple and use a big pot on the stove and brown the meat in that, maybe remove it, do your  onions and aromatics, then add everything in to the mix with the water.  Browning the meat produces fond, which is a key to deliciousness, you want to capture all of that.


Hope this helps.

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