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Hi all,

I have been figuring out what I should get after my graduation. I am good in art but not skilled enough so I wish to focus on that to become professional one day.

I love doing : marzipan for weddings decoration; Sugaring and chocolate showpiece; baking breads, tarts and pies; petit fours; confectioneries; Jam & jellies preservations. Prefer to move around from stations to another in work. For e.g. Once, I have worked in a small production line before, is tiring but awesome that could do different thing each 3 months.


I understand i couldn't learn all in different directions immediately and I wish to have have a stable income in this future career.

Been thinking either Hotels or Cafes. Though I know there is even more varieties out there besides these 2


Here's my question:

1. I have been thinking can showpiece be a part-time thing while working in a shop? Yet both can be earn as a living?

2. Any recommendation to work in overseas for the first time? after I have decided to take further step towards other culture.



So any suggestion where I should start first?



Thank you

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