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Work House Knife

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So I own a few Japanese knives, and I notice I'm quite delicate and careful with how I preform with them. I would like to get something in the more German category, and get more of a work horse knife. I want something that I can sort of bump around and not be so careful and care for a lot, but still have a nice knife as well. I've been looking at some of the Wusthof's and Victorinox's but perhaps there's better options you may conceive of. Some of my desires are as followed. Greatly appreciated!


-Under $130 or so

-Stainless Steel

-Eight Inches

-French Design  

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Are you looking for a "German" knife, or a "French Pattern" knife?


The two are quite different.


German knives (such as the Wusthof) have a much more pronounced "belly", while the "French Pattern" knives have a flatter blade profile.

If it's German steel in a french pattern knife, you might want to look at a stainless Thiers-Issard 4-Star Elephant stainless knife.  T-I uses 4116 steel now for their stainless blades.  That's the same steel which Wusthof and other German makers call "X50CrMoV15"


However, I don't know how T-I is heat treating that steel.



Galley Swiller

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If you're looking for a tank, maybe a western deba?


You can crush through poultry bones and laugh maniacally.

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When you know for sure there will be some damage you may choose between two approaches: getting the heaviest stuff in the world, or limiting damage. A Western deba would be the first solution, getting a middle-weight soft carbon blade the second one. Carbon steel because of the very easy sharpening, soft carbon because it won't chip. Get a French carbon chef's knife by K-Sabatier or Thiers-Issard.
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I have a Forgecraft carbon I like a lot

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I just got a 240 Western Deba last week - the thing is a beast!  Weighs almost a pound and would be serious workout to use for extended period of time.  The 210 is more wieldy @ 11 - 12oz.  


I'm a huge fan of Forgecraft and other American carbon knives and always have one, or two to work on.  Here's one I did last fall:




Here's another example of reworked ODC (old dirty carbon) unknown maker, but a real nice profile.  The tip was damaged so I reground the top edge for a new one.  On both these knives I moved the balance point to the pinch.



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Mike Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


Don' t let out the secret of how good some ODC can be. ;)


I have in my block an old Dexter 10" that is a laser, a Robinson 8" that is heavier duty an likely my favorite all time "feel" knife, a 14" no name cimeter.


Sadly I have grabbed some in thrift stores that were gambles on the rust level and beneath the rust was catastrophic pitting. :(


Now back to your regularly scheduled J knife love fest. Forget all about ODC.



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