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smoker advise

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Hello, my name is Luis Garcia from Ecuador.  I am willing to start a smoked meat business in my country and need to get some advise on what type of smoker to choose. I need a 60-68 sq.ft cooking size capacity, cooking lessons, recepies and all other information that help me to achieve our goal succesfully. I do not have previous experience. Our idea is to have several take out and delivery service only, not a restaurant. And offer mainly ribs, chicken and sausages.


My budget for the smoker is around $3.500 I got information from below supplier, have you heard about them?, what is your opinion about their 3x3 model? can you list some other similar alternatives that I should take a look at? Are vertical smokers better choice than T tank for our needs? we need to get the best tender, juicy and grilled look smoked chicken and ribs. Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Best regards,

Luis Garcia Neira

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Not knowing what the regulations are like there as far as cooking equipment(stainless required?) it is hard to offer advice. If you can find food grade open top 55 gallon drums locally you can make a smoker for about $100 that will hold quite a bit. $3500 is not much of a budget in the custom smoker market in the size you want my 20 sq foot trailer mounted pit from Klose BBQ Pits was $4500 by the time I shipped it up here.

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Here is what you would need but there is no way you can get it with the budget you have. I might suggest a cinder block pit or like Mary mentioned a food grade drum (UDS)

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Thank you for your repply, I made a writting mistake on the cooking capacity, we need a 32x38 sq.ft cooking capacity, I found the following web link 3`x3`smoker , can you please check it and send me your comments? any other similar alternative you know for that size?

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