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sous vide poached eggs

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I'm wanting to change the way we poach eggs for brunch. Currently we poach off 150 eggs about an hour before service. We are far too busy to poach to order, but after running out of eggs yesterday and having to poach a la minute, I'm wonder how many eggs can I hold in a sous vide? I've done eggs this way at home with my sous vide, but will it work for 200 eggs? this is ideally how many I would like to hold. 



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There are egg poachers you can buy they do like 15 at a time a few minutes per batch it sets on a water bath is also another option
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Pretty sure you just have to look at the rating for the immersion circulator. They should be rated for the number of gallons, since it has to move the water volume sufficiently to maintain temp. Then it's just a matter of how big a hotel pan and how many gallons you need to hold 200 eggs.

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Yes it works, super easy. You may have to do two batches but they keep for days. Just drop the eggs (still in shells) into your water bath at 63 degrees Celsius for 45-50 minutes and then transfer to an ice bath. When you crack your egg a perfectly poached quinnel will
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