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Pursuing Pastry Arts Career

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i want to know your experience as a chef, the good the bad and the ugly. Is it worth it to become a pastry chef (to you)? And which school would you prefer le cordon bleu or Escoffier. these are the school that i apply for(still in high school).

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I can only offer my opinion based on my personal experience. I work as an executive chef for a major hotel. I am an accomplished chef and pastry chef with over 25 yrs in this business,

I think it's good if you choose to focus on 1 area such a as Pastry.
You should still know how to cook and attain some basic culinary training and pursue the pastry end of it more intensely.
I can tell that I have worked with top world class level pastry chefs and they make as much $$ or even more than most executive chefs here in the USA.
My experience is if you focus on just a pastry chef take it to the highest level you can achieve.
The pastry chefs I worked for have multiple gold medals from the Culinary Olympics,, come out on the food network pastry challenges, and have work for major cooperate run hotel and resort,,, Caesars palace, Ritz Carlton,,, Sheraton.
Good pastry chefs are not a dime a dozen. There are too many regular chefs flooded in the workplace now, and with culinary schools these days pumping out tens of thousands a year,, it won't get any better.
Good Luck
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As a pastry chef you have to know your stuff. Baking is science for hungry people, and slight variations in ingredients can change the final product, hence the emphasis on weighing ingredients.

Pastry is fun for me, and that a career makes things easier to keep learning and trying. For me it is definitely worth it.

As far as school goes, do what you can. If you think cordon bleu is for you, go for it. I went with a community college program here. You get out what you put into culinary school
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