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can all purpose flour be used

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Instead of using bread flour to make breads can all purpose flour be used instead?

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You can but you will get better results if you use bread flour. It has a higher protein content so you can develop more gluten. This gives it a strong enough structure to rise higher. For things that are not kneaded much, like dinner rolls or sweet rolls, I often use AP flour. Also for pizza dough, because I don't make the bready type that rises again after forming.  If you want to make artisan breads or be a serious bread baker I think you should not skimp on flour. Use bread flour for them.

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I know that the official word is that bread flour is better, but making a particular bread with all-purpose flour during those times when I run out of bread flour, I find no difference. And the picky eaters at home have never noticed the substitution.

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What breads did you make with the all purpose flour?  I was thinking of making white bread in my bread maker with the all purpose flour.

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I'll throw in two cents. The fun part of bread making is that you can do so many variations. While a bread maker is fun, it is not at all necessary. Go ahead and make the white bread using all purpose. When you have time, pick up some bread flour available at most grocery stores these days and give that a try. 

     You can make bread with just flour, yeast, water and a bit of salt. Add a couple of eggs to the next batch. Add some milk to the third batch. Add some eggs and milk to the fourth batch. Add some sugar. 

     There is a lot of good information in the Joy of Cooking. That's a great place to start if you want to read about it. Most importantly, don't get too worried. Have fun with it. Kneading bread by hand is a great stress reliever. 

 Okay. Now I'm in the mood to make some. Have fun. 

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I make a challah bread with bread flour, but I occasionally run out. So, there have been plenty of times when the challah was made partially or completely with all purpose flour. No one noticed the difference any time. The bread rose and baked just as well.


Now I'm not sure that a bread made only of flour, water, salt and yeast would be the same with all purpose flour. I do have a lively sourdough starter that I always feed with all purpose flour and it is thriving and fermenting doughs quite well.

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