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Seeking feedback please? (Hot Beverage side of Catering)

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Hello readers,   As an ex member of our passionate yet often undervalued profession of catering  I am reaching out to you great folk in hopes of enlisting some advice please and not for myself but for my only son.


My son who is now 24 years young has been challenged since early age with eating foods from all over the world as I was fortunate to travel extensively and pick up some discerning taste buds myself which thankfully have been passed along as Jonathan , my son became a Tea Master and Master Tea Sommelier plus Coffee roaster with significant knowledge in other Caffeine related products and accompanying spices  over the last few years since he graduated high school. He has also been to University to take some business schooling and now traveled to some 23 countries and 78 major city's plus worked in Germany for a time while attending German school to advance his language skills. On the last two major self funded trips he has visited the Sri Lanka tea auctions, Assam, Darjeeling and many other tea regions and began interviewing on camera people working in or related to Caffeine related products and is presently working with a group of friends to build an educational web site to promote organic Caffeine products and farming methodologies.


Now that Jonathan has completed the schooling part of his Tea mastery he is now like a Marshal Arts Sensei (teacher) would say, ready and able to learn, a young brain ready to be molded :-)lol


In Canada Jonathan has worked for a fair trade company for more than 5 years roasting coffee and blending tea but they are a small company with small town visions and my son has not struggled as hard as he has to build exceptional taste buds and experience the Caffeine industry first hand to work for a company who do not appreciate his significant achievements.  Western Canada has limited companies producing tea and coffee products so he is more than ready to travel east and would love to work in Montreal perhaps but has duel citizenship, Euro passport so can work anywhere in Europe too should an opportunity arise?


Jonathan loves travel and is a sponge for knowledge continuing his education at every chance like tasting and getting to know the unique flavours of craft beers for many years to. He worked in a couple of well known kitchens while in high school during summer breaks etc and at a high end Eco lodge for a year as well so is kitchen aware.


Sorry for being long winded here but what I am seeking is your guidance as you are the ones who know the Catering business best and I am thinking recently that the big hoteliers must have a need for a Beverage person covering the specialty tea ceremonies and blends and creating original pure drinks etc as discerning pallets today require?


Any thoughts, help or guidance as to how I can help my son find his way into a career worthy of his efforts, a proud parent and disabled airborne veteran plus retired trainee chef:-) Yes there is a great story:-)


In respect and gratitude



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Hello Jumper,


Thank you for the longer story as you have created a great picture of your son and his loving father. I can only speak from my own experiences in this however, the route that Jonathan must take if he would like to advance his learning would be to open his own business and start to teach people why they should pay attention to what they drink as much as they eat. I have worked for coffee and tea companies both great and small to allow me access to the who, what, when, where, whys and hows of that world. I mostly volunteered my extra time so that I am now an advanced coffee roaster and tea blending and espresso champion. I am also a WSET Level 3 holder which allows me to call myself an expert (not THE expert or master). I still however, with all my experience, would NEVER call myself a master as that is reserved for a lifetime of learning and even though I have well over 35 years around farming and 25+ years in the food industry as chef and owner, I would not say my learning was done until my body has given me up. 


There are tons of small roastery companies in Western Canada that are award winning and amazing in their approach to coffee and tea. There isn't any more in the east as there are in the west so I would suggest some good sit down and searching going on. If you would like to PM me I can help you out with a few companies to start with.


I have worked for hoteliers as well and I can say wholeheartedly that the cost of quality coffee and tea is too much for their bottom line to spare but that has never stopped me from hounding them every so often about the quality of coffee and tea and why that is important. As well as knowing worldy ceremonies so that business travellers can have a sense of home while away. 


So in short:

Look into direct trade coffee roasting and tea blending.

Start a consulting company or teaching getting certified by the governing boards.

Look into creating a position for yourself in a hotel chain of choice for the coffee and tea experience.

Work with some local direct trade small roasters to gain knowledge into what they do.



Hope some of this helps :D

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Many thanks for the brilliant response, I will PM you. 


Cheers Jumper

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