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Culinary coworking facility for rent

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The Food Room is a culinary coworking center dedicated to helping out business. Food professional and food business of any sizes can rent our time shared kitchens hourly or pay a bundle and have a monthly access that comes with premium offering such as office and conference room. A delivery truck will also be available for people who could need it!

The food room is a place where you can grow your business without having to own any equipment, It's a place where you can afford to spend time! Meet people in your field, learn, make connection, improve your business skill, network, and cook! The food room is a place for you to cook your food!

Go check out our website and give us your feedback,

We are currently setting up our first kitchen but we are planning to open some all over the places, If you have any suggestion or comments, Do not hesitate to contact me!

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Great Idea but you don’t need to have permeant fixed premises when going into this field. the mobility of your operation is what makes it more sellable, look at organisations like Kudos Delivered, they are one of the best catering companies in the country and yet hardly even have a head office. let alone a kitchen to work out of in a residential capacity. The only thing they do have though is they do OWN their equipment. this makes a big difference in the preoperational side of things. like a builder and his tools.
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