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The best way to begin?

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Hey Guys!

Okey so I am new here!

I am 17 and originally from Norway, but I have soon finished my first of 3 years at Culinary school in France.

Well my question is: What is your view on Culinary School? Is it necessary or a waste of time? Should everyone who really have a passion for cooking go straight in to the business?

Personally i think that it is important to "master the basics" in everything that you do, no matter what. Therefore i find that school is a good choise. But other might disagree.

Please share your opinions smile.gif
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I believe each of us has our own path to walk. For some, culinary school is necessary and a good experience. For others, perhaps in the industry for a while, culinary school is just a piece of paper. For myself, I went to culinary school to understand the lingo, the technique, the knowledge. If going to culinary school expands on your skill set and culinary knowledge I would suggest doing it. Of course, finances play into it, and some aren't lucky in that department. But for me, I was fortunate to afford the school, on top of my experience and I believe it is that reason I'm an Executive Chef today. Being so young, I would say go to culinary school. Graduate. Find a Chef who is going to reinforce what you learned, not just someone who pulls things out of boxes and heats it up in the microwave. The old adage, you learn more in a kitchen is true, but if you have no foundational knowledge in the first place, you're going to handicap yourself for x amount of time. Good luck to you. Hope it all works out.

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Did you learn something?  Did you pay Attention?.  IMO unless you were a master before  you were 14 years of Age.   then yea cooking School in France was the best option...  so many jealous People here i think.  cool. 






   Can you work in the EU?  Start with France.  you are there already Then maybe ooooo let say any one of the EU countrys.  Italy, greece, spain, or maybe France.  Keep on Cheftalk,  there are some great Chefs and minds here. Opinions good bad different



don't stop learning.  from everyone you work with.  the Chef down to the dishwasher.  i find in Europe you will work with a Person in a restaurant and they are a dishwasher for 20 years,  dishwasher/kitchen helper.  the small things you will learn form These People to make your Job easier is "priceless"  wow France cooking School so many of us are jealous.  you are Young Keep learning from every one you can.  pay Attention to everything.  take notes, talk, compare, question meet chicks and have fun.


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Originally Posted by kostendorf View Post

 meet chicks and have fun.


I think I need to relocate to Austria -  Chef's meeting chicks :)


But could not agree more with the above said.

You are very young indeed - which is a definite advantage further down the line.


You might run into some "issues" at the beginning with more experienced cooks / chefs not letting you do too much at the beginning - take it in stride and appreciate it. The learning curve in a kitchen can be very steep and good for some (those that enter with an open mind and notebook) or very shallow and long for those that believe they know it from the get go.


Would also recommend to start working in Europe - it is a great platform to really launch a young Chef further.



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imho, many chef have a lack of the basic training as a foundation , take knowlege from every where you can , wether school of a pro kitchen,and always leave the ego at home,  but would not hurt to go pot wash for a month some where very busy or so and find out the brutal realities of hard work ,early on......


with a starting from scratch background you would gain a lvl of respect from many in the trade,


mouth shut ears open note pad to hand :)


france or main land europe for 5 years would be a good start.

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Thanks a lot for your opinions and advise! I will have my ears open and notebook in the backpocket ready for action! :D 

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