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How to get into the industry

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I want to work in the kitchen, but my experience, other that life-long passion for cooking, is very limited. I've worked in Catering, but mostly as a server, and I worked in a Jewish seminary in a kitchen for a few months, doing food preparation, and of course cleaning, etc.. I can't afford to go to  school now. I am also not a young man (52). Could anybody give me any advice how get some entry level job in the kitchen? I would like to gain experience. I would do any job anywhere (a ship would be nice).


Thank you.

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It seems you and I are in similar situations, same age group anyway. I am working dish, one night I worked on the line and it was like a night off. Be your self, at least where I  live  people respect age and if you bring your game . Your in. Quote from one of the cooks, best excuse is that you don't know how to do something, you just went two steps back. Best of luck.

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if I were in your shoes I would try small kitchens where its a lot more personal in the kitchen, where I think chefs are a lot more reasonable.

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You just need to get your foot in the door.
If you chose to start as a tray jockey all the better.
Most upscale hotels boast busy on site catering departments and are always needing to fill in the on call rosters.

The beauty of banquet is the separate kitchen and when it gets crazy EVERYONE plates.
Teamwork is the first commandment .......
Great way to let the chefs know you are interested in joining the kitchen staff how it has been a life long dream jadajada.
Reinforce your words with a strong work ethic and eventually someone in the kitchen will be a no show and you will get your chance.

Of course the second commandment is thou shalt not poach from another's employee pool but it happens.
After all you were only on call and really need the hours.

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Flying Food Group (Airline Catering Company) is Hiring for its Chicago O'Hare Airport location, If interested Please email your resumes ASAP to
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